There will be more than one person you date when searching for the right soul mate. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who is right for you, marriage might be in your future.

Do you ever wonder why we are drawn to only a few people, especially when it comes to romance?

A good relationship will thrive if there is good chemistry. Astrology can help determine if two people will be a good match.

A sub-branch within astrology, synastry, compares the sky when two people were created to see how planetary forces could influence interactions between them.

Is it possible to determine if two people are likely get married based only on information from their birth records?

The decision to get married is an individual one. There are some signs that a long-term marriage is possible. Continue reading to discover what they are, and which cosmic forces can indicate whether or not you will enjoy being married.

Synastry allows for the comparison of two people’s natal charts. The process reveals the position of specific significant planets, which form interplanetary angels known as aspects. These alignments can be either beneficial or detrimental to the ability of two people to get along.

The potential for friction between a couple is caused by negative aspects like opposition and square. Positive aspects such as conjunction, sextile and trine can create the conditions that allow a relationship thrive.

However, this guide will concentrate on the best synastry elements for marriage. This can include a connection with one or more of these planets or points astrologically significant.


Three of the most crucial components in synastry, are the sun and moon as well as ascendant. That is because they influence the kind of impression and emotional reactions that emanate from the interactions of two people.

The moon is representative of your emotions. While the sun embodies who or what you really are, it represents your personality. On the other, (click this) the ascendant affects how people see you and your image to them. The presence of conjunct or trine aspects between any of the placements indicates two people who can get along well.

Venus has been called the goddess for love in Roman mythology. Astrologers use this planet to determine how someone will approach heart matters.

A harmonious aspect of the planet Venus with another person’s chart can lead to a couple falling in love and possibly even marry. Venus is a planet that evokes strong love and affection. Its energy can be different depending on the planet it forms an aspect with. A Venus conjunct Moon synastry indicates a lovey-dovey relationship. This is a great synastry aspect for marriage if romance is important to your life.

Mercury is the “messenger between the gods” in Astrology because it regulates daily expressions between people. It supports positive aspects and communication, which is important in a relationship.

A Mercury Trine Sun symbol suggests mutual understanding that fosters respect in marriage. An example of a moon-Mercury balance that is harmonious is when two people share their feelings with no fear and in a supportive, caring manner.

You can address any problem that married couples encounter, including those involving money, kids, intimacy, and so on, through open, honest communication. Harmonious Venus aspects can foster dialogue and help to build a lasting marriage.

Whereas Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars is the planet of physical attraction. It is known to have an influence on sex drive. Positive Mars-related synastry is a sign of a happy sex life and is a key ingredient to a happy marriage.

The Moon conjunct Mars Synastry suggests a passionate and intense relationship. Besides physical attraction, this aspect indicates the existence of a strong emotional connection as well.

Venus trine Mars also makes for a wonderful synastry aspect in astrology. It ignites passion in a romantically involved couple.


Other than the inter-aspect alignments for planets in the birth chart, there are other overlays that can hint at a happy marriage. The 7th house is a good example.

This placement isn’t an aspect in the astrological sense but it is very important for relationships. This is because the 7th House rules marriage and partnerships.

If the sun happens to fall in this section of your partner’s birth chart, they will view you as the ideal spouse. Venus activating their 7th House will also make them admire your way of expressing your love. Usually, 7th House overlays are felt by the house person


Synastry can offer a lot of information about the compatibility of two partners for marriage.

But, even as you turn to the stars for advice, keep in mind that the details you find are not necessarily cast in stone. Because of our free will, each person can decide the outcome to any relationship.

Being able to combine the best aspects of your synastry and marriage can make it more likely that you will have a loving, fulfilling union.

Take the time to discover what secrets lie between your birth chart, and potential dates. In all likelihood, favorable indicators might help you find the right match when looking for a life partner.