LEON Grease MP

LEON Grease MP series are premium multipurpose greases, formulated with premium base oil, lithium thickener and advanced additive package for general lubrication under normal operating conditions and loads, and they are available in NLGI grades ranging from 0 to 3. These lithium base greases have excellent oxidation stability, good water resistance, superior protection against rust and corrosion. LEON Grease MP 0 and 1 are suitable for centralized systems. LEON Grease MP 2 and 3 are general purpose greases.

LEON Grease EP

LEON Grease EP series are high performance extreme pressure greases, formulated with high quality base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives plus rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide extra protection against wear, good oxidation, rust and corrosion, and resistant to water washout. LEON Grease EP series are developed for use in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications where operating temperatures and loads are moderate, and it is available in six grades to cover as wide range of applications.


LEON RHD is a high performance, multipurpose, extreme pressure lithium complex grease formulated with highly refined base oils, lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, EP and anti-wear additives to ensure to ensure good stability and load bearing capacity under the most severe conditions, and long life. LEON RHD is developed for automotive and industrial equipment operating under heavy loads, shock loading and a wide range of operating temperatures. It is particularly recommended for use in automotive front and rear wheels roller bearings of heavy, medium and light vehicles.


LEON XTR is a calcium-complex base grease for anti-friction and plain bearings operating at medium speed under heavy and/or severe shock loads. This premium grease manufactured with premium mineral oils, a calcium complex soap thickener and additives to provide additional protection from wear in severe operating conditions. It is excellent in water-repellency, and adhesiveness to prevent corrosion, and has excellent oxidation stability and mechanical stability.

LEON EP Moly 2

LEON EP Moly 2 is a high performance, multipurpose and extreme pressure grease designed for the severe lubrication of extra heavy-duty off-highway and mining equipment where requiring extra protection in shock loading conditions. LEON EP Moly 2 is formulated with highly refined base oils with EP and anti-wear additives, oxidation and rust inhibitors, molybdenum disulfide in a lithium thickener for a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures. This product has excellent extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-friction and adhesion properties, unsurpassed rust and corrosion protection and resistance to water under high stress and high load conditions with high temperatures.


LEON HTEP is a high temperature grease made with a non-soap bentonite thickener and molybdenum disul­fide designed for the lubrication of plain, rolling element bearings and antifriction bearings operating at slow speed and high temperature or under cycling conditions from normal to extremely high temperatures. LEON HTEP is based on a high quality, high viscosity base oil and formulated to provide low volatility and excellent resistance to softening at high temperatures and oxidation at high temperatures, resistance to water washout and good anti-wear performance under heavy loads and slow speeds. LEON HTEP is extremely suitable for the lubrication of high temperature applications where conventional soap thickened products are not viable.


LEON CS 2 is a high performance, heavy duty lubricating grease based on calcium sulfonate thickener with high quality base stocks. The calcium sulfonate thickener provides excellent rust protection, extraordinary extreme pressure, anti-wear performances, superior mechanical stability and superior resistance against water wash-out and water spray-off. LEON CS 2 is a multipurpose grease suitable for the most severe operating conditions including Heavy duty automotive, construction, agriculture equipment, mining/quarrying, cement, and other industrial applications.