LEON OIL - Change for the Better


LEON is a technology edge lubricants and greases brand and we supplies synthetic and premium quality products which complying and exceeding customer’s requirements and global standard for quality.

EHS stands for Environment, Health and Safety, which are company’s core value to supply eco-friendly product to save nature and human.

We produce full product ranges of high performance automotive and industrial lubes, and greases using biodegradable, synthetic, and mineral base stocks for all types of applications including; mining, construction, steel mills, marine, industrial, agriculture, and transportation.

We keep to close with customers for feedback and use in research and development of new products and product enhancement, it is our commitment for customer satisfaction and our mission for long term business success.

Mission Statement

LEON is committed to produce technology edge lubricants and greases which meeting customer requirements and exceeding industry standards, moving and leading value-added innovations with global platform for customers and business partners, especially develop eco-friendly product for environment protection.

Establish long term business relationship with distributors and channel partners and work closely to respond to the market for mutual benefits and success.